Saturday, January 22, 2011

Breckinridge County's Chance Anthony Wins 2010 Rudy Award

by Jeff Fisher
High School Football America

Having a bad day?

We all have them.

I had one yesterday, but then I get a news release announcing the winner of the 2010 High School Rudy Award.  Then after learning about Chance Anthony of Breckinridge High School in Hardinsburg, I got the feeling that feeling sorry for myself wasn't the thing I should be doing.

Anthony was born without the lower part of his right arm.  That has not prevented the senior from being a contributing member of the school's football and basketball teams.

The two-way starter caught his first touchdown pass last season during the school's homecoming game. He can also bench press 235-pounds...basically with one arm!

“One hand or not, you can still catch a football and still catch a basketball,” said Anthony. “Sometimes my friends forget I’ve only got one hand. I do as much as anyone else at school. It’s how you deal with adversity that counts. If somebody gives you the opportunity, you better take it and run. Don’t look back and question why. I know I’m going to look back and really appreciate Coach giving me the opportunity to be the best I could be.”

Anthony, who won a $10,000 scholarship, was chosen for the 2nd annual award from 250 nominees.

The High School Football Rudy Award is named after Daniel "Rudy" Ruettiger, who became a not-so-famous, famous player while at Notre Dame while only playing two downs as a 5-6, 165 pound walk-on.

Anthony will join me and my co-host Trish Hoffman Sunday night on the NHSCA Sports Hour radio show to talk about his award an incredible journey to overcome his handicap. Click here to listen LIVE to the Sunday night at 6 PM EST.

The first runner-up was Cody Rye of Ironwood, Michigan...2nd runner-ups were Kyle Wilcos of Seffner, Florida and Tray Waite of Warren, Ohio.

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